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Are you booking your travel on the internet? If so, here are some interesting facts to consider before making that online booking.
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There are still many advantages to using travel agents and their services. A travel agent is there to do all the 'legwork' for his/her clients. This makes it easier for them to sit back, relax and enjoy their vacationing experience. The public doesn't have the knowledge that an agent has about the destinations, restaurants, hotels and attractions. This is where a travel agent can help tremendously. It is the agents job to make all of this not only easier and faster for them, but more satisfying in general.

Online travel sites don't provide travellers with a definite answer to all their questions. There isn't that piece of mind that you have someone to turn to with a question or problem. Ok, so you booked your cruise online but are your transfers included to the pier? Are you SURE? What happens if there is a flight delay and you are not able to connect to your final destination, who do you contact? There is no face behind the internet and no one to call in an emergency.

Most people don't realize that travel agencies can always match the prices that are found online. If they are not able to match it, they can compensate for something in the package, whether it be to throw in transfers or a complimentary tour. There is always a way to get you the same or even better value for money and to top it off, personalized professional service!

We at Travel Stars are aware of all these facts and have therefore focused our work towards service delivery.

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Some of the services we offer
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If you are still not convinced then please visit The Travel Insiderfor more reasons why you should use Travel Stars instead of booking online.